Tuesday, September 10, 2013

申込 Challenge #3: 研究概要と研究計画

In one recent application, there was a rather challenging pair of terms "研究概要" and "研究計画". Making sense of what these terms by themselves mean was a bit of a challenge. They seem practically the same to me by generic meaning. The former means "Research Outline" and the latter "Research Plan." What then distinguishes the two on an application form (made by merging some cells so that the formatting looks odd in excel mind you)?

I left this to the side for a bit and then went back to it after starting another application -- and there was the hint.

これまでの研究・教育の概要 (2000字程度)
着任後の研究・教育の計画 (2000字程度)

Thus, we learn that the 研究概要 refers to what you have already done -- an outline of previously completed work and the 研究計画 refers to what you intend to do.

Hope this helps future applicants!

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