Saturday, September 7, 2013

申込 Challenge #2: 教育計画

Another key challenge for foreign applicants is going to be writing the 教育計画. While on the US market, the standard is to provide a teaching portfolio that contains student evaluation information, taught course syllabuses, statement of teaching philosophy, and syllabuses for courses you hope to teach, I only see this for some applications in Japanese. Other applications in Japanese ask just for a 教育計画 or worse -- nothing.

It won't work just to translate the one you've got in English for a very simple reason -- much of the courses you will teach are already decided. Consider this recent listing from JREC under 仕事内容:


It is not uncommon to see what looks like a kitchen sink list of courses foisted onto one person.  Note, it is listing the courses you will be responsible for and not merely the courses you *might* end up teaching. So in this case, you will teach introductory French or German, Thought and Humanity, Humanity and Culture, contribute to the cooperative general education lectures, and guide graduation theses in Europe research and other courses in Europe research.

When applying for such a position, it is important to mention that you can will teach these courses. I haven't mastered this task as of yet.

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