Monday, March 17, 2014

In Praise of Interac

I've heard a decent amount of negative things about Interac. I can't address whether these things were / are true, but I can say that my own experience with Interac has been quite good. I worked part time briefly for Interac as a substitute ALT entering elementary schools to do two-day gigs. I presented the English version of *Momotarou* (to sixth graders) and *What's This* (to fifth graders). Would I want to work for Interac my entire life? No. But that's because I can get a better job (Interac doesn't give raises -- but that's because you're basically replaceable if your work for them).

What impressed me more about Interac is how they treated my wife's aunt. You see she was working for Interac for a couple of years in her late 50s. First, I will start with the negative: Interac did not address her numerous complaints and let her go when she reached the 定年(retirement age). But now to the positive: many of her complaints, ,it turns out, were not due to a nearby 醤油 factory but due to her having pneumonia built on top of breast cancer that spread to her lungs. That's pretty terrible. But when she needed to be hospitalized, an employer she treated meanly stepped up to the plate and send people to visit her. They even provided her assistance (read money) for getting back to America and drove her all the way from Ishinomaki to Narita airport.

On the flipside, they left it in my hands to cancel her electricity and gas.  But that's not the worst fate in the world.

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