Friday, May 31, 2013

履歴書 Challenge #2: 学歴 Graduate School Entrance and Graduation are Written Differently

In my previous post, I explained that the way to enter an undergraduate degree can be confusing for those of us with an American educational background. Further problems can occur when entering your graduate degrees. Turns out that you don't 入学 or 卒業 from your graduate degrees.  Instead, you 修士課程入学 into a master's degree and 修士課程終了 when you graduate. Similarly, you 博士課程入学 into a PhD and 博士課程終了 out of it. But in the case of a PhD, you enter it in the following format:

平成18 1 大学大学院文学研究科哲学専門 修士課程入学 
平成19 5 大学大学院文学研究科哲学専門 修士課程修了
平成19 9 大学大学院文学学研究科哲学学専攻 博士課程入学 
平成25 5 大学大学院文学学研究科哲学学専攻博士 課程修了(博士(哲学)) 

Note carefully that you write しゅうりょう using the right characters as there are two with slightly different meanings: 終了 which means completed as in done and 修了 which means finished (as in graduated).

Thus, you express your field after stating that you have 修了した from your program. In my case, that means  哲学. 

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